Hair Tips

What can I do to help my hair stay healthy?

Healthy hair is going to begin with you (the client). Its one thing for the client to cut your damage hair but you have to do things at home to maintain this or will be back where you started.

Below are some helpful actions YOU can take to get this healthy hair on the track:

-Dont just concentrate on your hair,concentrate on your scalp too. This means shampoo regularly,every week ,no more than two weeks to maintain a healthy scalp.If the scalp is not clean, you can develop a fungus or other scalp issues stunting your growth.

-Develop some type of regimen, I recommend:
    -incorporating water in your diet to keep the scalp hydrated and help with dandruff
    -take vitamins( Natures Bounty at CVS) is great for damaged hair especially if you take faithfully(3 vitamins a day) . You may see results in as early as 2 weeks.
    -get deep conditioning treatments or a protein treatment for shedding at least once a month for preventive damage and current damage.
   -get enough rest and get off that stress or get that stress off of you.Whatever it is, its not worth loosing your hair over.
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